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Sankei Giken India Pvt. Ltd. (Auto Ancillary)



Data in Excel or different application. Multiple department processes working on individual platforms

Microsoft Dynamics ERP implemented 16 departments of Sankei across single platform including

Finance, Purchase, Sales, Manufacturing, Quality, Gate Entry, Job Work Sub -contracting, Maintenance, Tools, Design & Development, Dispatches, Scheduling etc.

Manufacturing Processes not Automated

Complete Customized Planning  for Sales, Purchase, Manufacturing was deployed with multiple Quality process  for Stock inward as well as Production line QC.  Capacity & Manpower planning was calculated with system along with FG cost loading with different parameters such as overhead costs, process costs, manpower costs, utility costs etc

Lack of Real time Information

Information available became real time  for all departments. Each department was responsible for the source data to next department

Many new modules were  developed that eased to  total plan operations such as

Costing  before Quote with all the factors for new product

Maintenance –Plant & Tools

Design & Development before finalization of final product

Quality Modules with  different parameters