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Case Study Microsoft D365 Business Central ERP
- E & H Precision India Pvt. Ltd.



  • Manual Procurement Processes, managed in Excel, leading to errors, delays, and inefficiencies in the procurement workflow.
  • Lack of Streamlined Price Comparison
  • The current procurement system, although a combination of applications, falls short in meeting the organization’s specific requirements, demanding manual workarounds.

Identified and addressed challenges in the client’s procurement workflow.

Presented Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC as a comprehensive solution, showcasing its capabilities from intent creation to order placement.

Configured Business Central to align with the client’s requirements, implementing features like intent creation, code acquisition, and streamlined price comparison.

  • Struggles in efficiently managing and coordinating with vendors for timely and accurate procurement.
  • Difficulty in placing orders to specific vendors, especially for unique and specialized products within the automotive industry.

Automated purchase and comparison prices from data managed in Excel to Business Central.

Streamlined vendor management and order placement.

Improved price comparison and acquisition processes.

  • No Approval Matrix at different level in procurement process.
  • No notification for quick decision and required follow-up to complete the task

Reduction in manual work and errors.

Enhanced efficiency and accuracy in the procurement workflow.