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Draw Software For Army Welfare Housing Organization


  • The purpose of developing this software is to generate computerized draw for different housing categories of Army Welfare Housing Organization.
  • Random allotment of  dwelling units was required from the draw to provide fair results.
  • Every draw should generate separate results based on random allotment  so that no question can be raised by the participants about allotment strategy of AWHO.


  • Initially the number of flats for allotment are finalized and correspondingly categorized to the type of categories.
  • Applications from the different applicants is entered in the system scheme-wise.
  • The waiting list applications of one scheme get transferred to next scheme.
  • Once Forms are accepted, an internal scrutiny of the application form takes place by the respective department.
  • The cancelled forms and applications withdrawn are removed  and rest of the applications are considered  for the draw.
  • Draw is run and every draw is provided with unique number valid for a particular draw only.
  • Results  generated by the draw randomly generates the allotments based on the applications for the particular scheme.
  • Draw successfully executed