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Delhi Metro Project-(YFC- DMRC sites)



Had been working on excel, word, PDF document with storage on individual devices /machines.

Share Point  based  Document Management System was  designed  for Structured Document  Management System with Approval levels and Security

Lack of Centralized information for different  projects (construction projects).

Share Point based DMS helped  DMRC site to control Contract details, Requisitions and other Project related  document by providing central repository and security to such  documents.

Accessibility to the  Project Documents was restricted based of User Role.

Structuring of Documents in accordance to  their importance, type and  project stage  helped Projects team to streamline  other  Project activities and WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) of the  respective  Project

Lack of Approval mechanism / Security concerns

Complete Approval matrix was devised for different types of Documents (RFQ, Quotes, Contract, letter, Notification, Requisition etc) with user  defined approval levels and rights of operations to access  different  documents.

Project  stage wise accessibility of  documents to  user levels/user  group  helped DMRC to have  controlled access to the  Project  Documents and  maintain the  confidentiality.